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Before I move into the nuts and bolts of Hope House, I have to give props to the mastermind behind the birth of this ministry, Paula Taylor.
For those of you who know her, you are well aware that this woman is an extraordinary dreamer and visionary! Some time ago, Paula began envisioning a ministry in Sulphur that would connect with, support, and empower the underprivileged in the city. This ministry would be, at its core, relationship-based. Instead of the church inviting these people to “come and see”, she believes that we should first be more of a “go and reach” group of people. This means that we are to go and meet people where they are in their circumstances and neighborhoods. Only then will they truly see who Jesus is and will be more accepting of Him. We couldn’t agree with her more and is why Ashley and I have embraced this vision.

As I prayed with Ashley and Paula around the table one Sunday afternoon, “Father we do not want to get ahead of you with any area of this ministry, but want to be solely dependent on your Holy Spirit’s prompting on how and when to act”, I had no idea what He was preparing to do! Looking back, I am quite sure that God LOL’d at that one. Since that evening, we have been doing all we can do to keep up with Him. He wouldn’t let us buy the property that we initially had our eyes on because He had some that He wanted to give us! This property was previously used as a supply hub for our neighbors who are struggling with drug addictions. I love the picture that God is painting for this community. It’s a picture of restoration as He is the God who takes what is broken, makes the necessary repairs and turns it into a powerful agent for his Kingdom!

Hope House is the first of many examples that God is using to show how He is transforming this neighborhood. Hope House will be used as a community outreach center. Our desire is not to be a “band-aid superhero” for this community, but to come alongside our neighbors to learn more about who they are, what are their likes and dislikes, their kids names, what are they good at and what do they struggle with. Knowing all of these and much more will give us ideas on what it will take to empower these neighbors to become a force for good within their community. We simply desire to be a conduit through which needs are met in an honoring, respectable and responsible way. The task seems daunting, but as I continue to hear Ashley’s echo, “our job is to be obedient and the results are not up to us”, I am reminded that God has repeatedly shown Himself big and faithful through this entire process. He is going to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine (Eph. 3:20).

Current status of Hope House is this: it has been stripped down to the walls and floors. Cassie Taylor and Robert Vick spent their spring break from college applying kiltz to the walls in preparation for paint. Who does that? LOL!

Lydia Gothrup and Andrea Bourque picked up where Cassie and Robert left off with painting in the family room.

Painting is near completion and new carpet has been laid. Scotty Taylor has been a force to be reckoned with on the needed repairs, cosmetically and necessary, and I am personally grateful for his support with this ministry and more importantly, his friendship.

Jessica Carpenter has done an amazing job of making our windows look like new. I don’t think these things have had sunshine through them in ages. Work will continue over the next few months to improve the overall appearance of Hope House inside and out. Sonny Taylor is preparing to launch the next phase of restoration with landscaping.

Since the credits are rolling, I can’t go without mentioning Ashley. She scares us all with her unusual abilities to acquire life stories from our neighbors in a ten-minute conversation. Ashley is truly burdened by the struggles and issues with our neighbors. She has an amazing way of connecting with our neighbors that is genuine and heartfelt. Her role thus far has been meeting every single individual who has passed by Hope House. Because of her, the word is out in the community of what the Hope House is and what it stands for. We have received 100% positive feedback from our neighbors regarding Hope House and its intentions. Please remember us in your prayers as we roll up our sleeves to connect with this community to bring them the hope of Jesus.

Our first community event is slated for Friday, March 26th. Our current plans are to cook for our neighbors and have an Easter egg hunt for their kids. This will be a time spent meeting some neighbors and getting to know others more. It is going to be an amazing time for sure. Let me know if you would like to come be a part of this event. We will be prayer walking through our neighborhood on Thursday, March 25th in preparation for Friday’s event.

We are currently planning summer activities for our neighbors and those who desire to come meet them. We will be hosting several community outreach weeks, backyard bible clubs, work projects and opportunities throughout the summer. It will be an unforgettable summer and I can’t wait. As details are finalized, I’ll be posting more information. I would ask that you pray about how God could use you this summer in this ministry.

Finally, I would like to expound on the connection between Hope House and the local church. As scripture teaches us, we know that the church is not a building or facility, but an organism; a living, breathing being. The church is a gathering of believers. The vision of Hope House is to reach into the community with the love of Jesus and connect them with a local body of believers that will support them, disciple them, and empower them to be servant-leaders in their community. Hope House will be a resource that churches will have access to in order to live out the Great Commission found in Matthew 28.

A follower of Jesus has the supernatural ability of prayer. This ability is by far the most powerful tool of all. Please pray for Hope House and the ministry.

I plan to update this blog more frequent to keep all of you informed with opportunities and updates. Please consider following this blog to receive these updates.

Moved to action,


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