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Haiti – Day 1

Today is the day! After working all night, I had enough time to run home and put on some comfortable clothes for traveling. I had to be at the airport by 5:30am to catch the 7am flight from Lake Charles to DFW. Checking in was such a smooth process that I started to regret getting there so early, but couldn’t take any chances! After finding a comfortable spot at the gate, I was greeted with the best gift ever! Ashley and the kids came to the airport to see me off! Sad part was that I was unable to go see them because I had already went through the checkpoints. So we talked by phone through a glass much like a prisoner! I was very grateful to be able to see them one last time before leaving!

I had just reached a level of comfort enough for a nap on the plane when we arrived in DFW. So this means I’ll have to catch a nap in the airport while waiting on the rest of the team to arrive. Did I mention that DFW is the size of a small country? The baggage claim process was near disaster as I waited about 45 minutes for my luggage to show up. Finally I went to the desk to speak with the baggage claim failure representative. She didn’t seem to be as nervous about this as I was and said that she would be sure to get my luggage to me at my destination. Did I mention I was headed to No-man’s Land, Haiti? I gently informed her that she would not be able to send my luggage to me where I was headed. She then said to obtain an authorization ticket to purchase replacements of everything I needed and the airline company would kindly reimburse me. This was not the answer I was looking for and decided my trip had just turned very interesting. As I walked away from the desk, God decided to let me have my luggage. It popped up from luggage land and came around on the belt! Thank you JESUS! Now I can head to the gate where our team will meet and catch a much needed nap. Did I mention the size of DFW? I traveled across the airport by transit and arrived at our gate just in time to meet everyone! Guess I’ll catch a nap on the plane. A short layover in Miami and we were on our way to the Dominican Republic where we would spend the night before journeying into Haiti. Once we arrived at the Santiago airport, the kind folks from Sharing the Vision ministries picked us up and drove us to their house where we would stay overnight.
Dinner was prepared when we arrived and consisted of street chicken, potato salad, plantains, and fresh cut pineapple.
Before we began eating, Jimmy prayed over us and one of the things that he asked God for that would be my anthem throughout this trip was, “God I invite You to break our hearts and make us cry for the things that make You cry.” It’s one thing for God to break your heart when you’re not looking for it, but it’s another thing to invite Him to do so. After dinner, our team had a time of introduction and fellowship.
Finally, it was time for some rest. We have an interesting day ahead of us!
“God I invite You to break my heart and make me cry for the things that make You cry.”
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