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Haiti – Day 5

“God I invite You to break my heart and make me cry for the things that make You cry.”
Today was sort of a “lounge around” day for the first half. It’s Dadli’s wedding day and we aren’t leaving until 1pm. Dadli is the daughter of Jackson Nelson, our host, and she has asked Janet to be what we would call the made of honor.
Most of the team took the opportunity to catch up on some rest.
Others, including me, found a good book to read. I’m currently wrapping up my third round of “Irresistible Revolution” by Shane Claiborne and I can’t seem to get tired of it!

The bus arrived early in the morning to carry the team to Cap Hatien where the wedding would be held. Once we began boarding, we realized that the room inside was basically for people under 4 foot tall. Me, Cassie, & Chris decided to avoid the close quarters and climbed on top of the bus! (It’s ok to do this in Haiti.)
We only thought the bus was full until we stopped just inside Cap Hatien to pick up Jackson’s family. It was here that we learned Hatians do not waste space. They packed the inside and top like a can of sardines. Now everyone from top to bottom was extremely uncomfortable. To compound the problem, the roads went from substandard to torturous and only made matters worse for everyone on board.
Cap Hatien is the one of the largest cities in Haiti and is grossly overpopulated. I was completely blown away at the amount of trash that littered the city. The question that kept coming up in my mind was, “where do you start?” It’s completely overwhelming. We arrived at the location of the wedding to find that it is being held in a Creole christian radio station! My first thought when walking in the door was “AIR CONDITIONING!” There is a God and He has found favor on us! We were treated to finger foods, cold Coca-Cola, and a group picture with the bride. It was a very neat experience!
As we walked out to reload on this God-forsaken bus, we found that the entire wedding party was expecting a ride home as they had completely filled our bus! The translators who came with us had to ask some to get off so we could get on. We did pack as many folks on as possible once all of our team was on. The translator tried to convince us to come down into the inside of the bus because we were going to run into some rain. We politely declined his offer because after all, what’s a little rain? As we began our journey back to Ferrier, the rain started coming down in a light drizzle. We were all satisfied as this was the coolest we had been since we arrived here. As the journey trekked on, the amount of rain sharply increased. It turned into one of the rains that cows and horses take cover from with the amazing lightning show to boot! This little rain shower turned into a full blown thunderstorm dropping torrential rains on us! Just outside the city, the driver stopped and asked if anyone would like to reconsider coming into the bus. At this point, we were drenched and most held firm to our initial decision to ride on top of the bus. Two of the roof-riders, Chris and Dr. Steve, couldn’t take anymore and got down. As Dr. Steve was climbing down, he stepped on a sharp incline on the ditch embankment. He took a very hard fall into the ditch. The remainder of journey was consistent with close lightning strikes and torrential downpours!
We all finally made it back to Ferrier in one piece. The locals were staring at us as if we had lost our minds…for some reason?
As I think of the amount of rain that fell on the Haitians tonight, I pray that God would rain down just as much mercy and hope!
“God I invite You to break my heart and make me cry for the things that make You cry.”
“May my teaching drop as the rain, my speech distill as the dew, like gentle rain upon the tender grass, and like showers upon the herb.” — Deuteronomy 32:2 (ESV)

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