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Haiti – Day 7

“God I invite You to break my heart and make me cry for the things that make You cry.”
Today I have felt more productive than I’ve felt all week. First we had breakfast, then went down to the field to see if we could help out anywhere. We were able to help carry rocks from the main pile and stack them along the trench where the fence was being built as the workers set them in place and added concrete. It seems they didn’t mind the blancos helping with this task!
About 10am, I moved on to the school crafts project. We made an attempt to communicate to the teachers what we wanted to do, but just couldn’t be clear enough. So we quickly came up with the idea of singing songs. We had the children sing us a song, then they wanted us to do one. We decided to teach them “This Little Light of Mine” and it went great!
We then walked down to the medical clinic and I was able to help with the pharmacy.
Once the clinic closed around 12:30, we all headed back for lunch. After lunch, we did our normal routine of relaxing and playing with the children.
Some of the team was able to rent some motorcycles and take a ride up to Fort Liberty. We had another evening of church with a special children’s program. I am absolutely broken when these kids sing! I swear this place is the loudest place on earth when these kids sing about our God! After the service, we all headed back home for some much needed rest.
One thing I can say about today is that we are being able to see relationships forming among the people of Ferrier. They are calling each of us by name and we’re able to remember some of theirs. Relationships are absolutely necessary to effectively reach this world with the love of Jesus. We may not get beyond this point, but it has definitely given us all something to take home and chew on.
“God I invite You to break my heart and make me cry for the things that make You cry.”
“And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need. And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts,” — Acts 2:45-46
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