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5 Things I’m Leaving Minneapolis With

This weekend I’m in Minneapolis at the Desiring God National Conference. The theme of the conference is Finish The Mission: For the Joy of All Peoples Bringing the Gospel to the Unreached and Unengaged 20110924-105654.jpg

and includes leaders such as Louie Giglio, David Platt, John Piper and many others.

Although the weekend was similar to drinking water from a fire hydrant, I’ll narrow it down to the top 5 things that will make an impact on the weeks, months and years ahead:

1. God’s name will be praised.
Louie Giglio’s talk exposed much of God’s creation from astrology to sea creatures to the latest in portable technology. All these were created by God and for God so that He will be worshipped by His creation. We would like to think that God sits around and waits on us to worship Him when in fact He is being praised constantly day and night. He wants us to join in the chorus!

2. There should be NO reason why the entire country has not heard the Gospel
Stop and think for a minute…why is it that there are still unreached people in America? We have the freedom to speak the name of Jesus in every square inch of this country so why do we choose to remain silent? This has been weighing on my heart for a few weeks (pathetic, I know. It should have started earlier than this.) I posted on my Facebook wall the other day, “we cannot claim we love someone if we know the gospel will save them from hell and yet refuse to talk to them about Jesus.” I mean this!

3. One person is worth the laying down of my life…just as it was with Christ.
Based on the book of Revelation, every nation will be represented around the throne. Keeping in mind that there are currently about 6,000 unreached people groups, it is our job to engage these people (no matter the cost) even if it is only one person.

4. Following Christ SHOULD be dangerous.
When talking about foreign missions, the question is always raised, “isn’t that dangerous?” Well…of course it’s dangerous. Didn’t Jesus say this over and over that He was sending us out as sheep among ravenous wolves? To interpret this in American, sheep are part of the diet of wolves. Any perceived safety that we feel we have is a deception and is crippling to the cause of Jesus. Every other nation KNOWS the danger of following Christ so the “danger” question is an American question.

5. My reactions to my life in Christ boils down to obedience.
If you are a true worshipper of Jesus, you are called to GO…period. It’s not an “if” question or a “should I” question, but a “where” and a “who” question. So I’m not dissatisfied with my past/present life of following Jesus. It’s no ones fault but my own! This one can’t be blamed on a pastor, leader, Sunday school teacher, etc. To echo John Piper with regards to mission, “you’re either going, sending, or living in disobedience. (there is “going” in the sending but we’ll save that for another day).

The job is not done in the world today. There’s still work to do. Let’s do it while the day is still here before the night falls!

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