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Advent Is Here: Come, Lord Jesus!

Today begins the first Sunday of Advent. My enthusiasm about this will expose the “not so Baptist” side of me. The Advent (meaning “arriving” or “coming” in Latin) Season is a celebration period leading up to Christmas and builds believer’s anticipation for Christ’s coming: remembering his incarnate arrival at Bethlehem, praying that he would continually arrive now in our lives, and looking forward to his promised return.

This celebration is more commonly exercised by Catholics, Anglican/Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian to name a few. 20111126-205613.jpgAlthough we do not have a biblical example of the New Testament church exercising Advent, I intend to put some personal, organized focus on the weeks leading up to Christmas. My hopes are that this will assist in the crowding out of the constant temptation of self-serving, me-focused, Christ-forsaking activities that typically begin in my heart and overflow into action and into the heart’s of my family and friends.

When celebrating Advent in the context of a group or body of believers, a more structured and organized approach is taken by using a wreath and candles to symbolize God Himself and the hope we have in Him along with the period of waiting. By lighting the candles in stages (each Sunday during Advent), the waiting period between Malachi and the birth of Jesus (~400 years) is represented.

However, I am using this time as personal worship to God. I plan to do this by adding to my daily reading and prayer habits. The reason I share all of this on the blog is to encourage others to consider how they might put Christ at the center of this season of life as well as every other season. I also hope to blog during this journey as a way of reacting and responding to what I experience.

Here is the list of readings that I will go through (links to related websites included):

I pray that you will consider how you will focus your mind, attention, activities, conversations, purchases, and compassion on the One who is worthy of it all!!!

“He who testifies to these things says, ‘Surely I am coming soon.’ Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!” ~Revelation 22:20

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