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Slow To Speak…Digitally Speaking: 5 Reasons For A Digital Quiet Time

Confession: I talk too much; and NEVER listen enough.

This happens in both the 3D world and in the digital world. I’ve created this habit of using social media as a ministry tool and find it very beneficial and strongly advocate using it for communication, encouragement and enlightenment. Of course social media has it’s many negative sides, but we’ll save that one for another time.


It’s been 21 days since my last social media post with the exception of a few individual interactions. For me, this is a long stretch of silence in the digital world and was very much intentional. Intentional due to the aforementioned character flaws. So without much planning or premeditation, I just ceased sharing my day-to-day thoughts for some time.

Here are 5 reasons for this silence:

    God is always working on my heart. As I am being molded and fashioned into what He is making me, I have become aware of this horrible life-malfunction known as rapid digestion. I’m not sure if this is an official medical term, but I use it to describe how I process what God is doing in my life. As He continues to reveal Himself to me through prayer, meditation, study, reading, etc., I’m always quick to toss out a summarized statement of said revelations. This is unlike any other relationship in my life. Interactions I have with my wife, children, family or friends are always reflected on, processed, hidden in my heart, and every now and then shared with others if it is a source of encouragement and enrichment. This time of silence was a refreshing time of just soaking in God’s goodness.
    There is so much about James 1:19 I need to harness. He writes, “Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;”. I’m definitely better at slowing my anger. I rarely get to a point where I’m angry. However, I am human. I do get angry. It just pales in comparison to James’ other two instructions. Subliminally, I swear I reverse these two! I’m quick to get my point across…and often. This makes listening to someone an impossibility! It’s also very prideful of me. As if what I have to say holds more weight, importance or popularity than what you have to say. This habit of quick talking and slow hearing plays out in the digital world as well. I’m constantly sharing thoughts and pushing ideas on to my digi-friends while taking little time to reflect on how God is interacting with them. This time of silence has allowed many of my friends to minister to me.
    Warning: I’m exploding on the inside with thoughts of Jesus’ resurrection. There is so much mystery, awe, and wonder in the resurrection. The idea of Christ dying to kill death causes me to worship Him with everything. What’s even more humbling is to know without death, there is no resurrection. So Christ died to make the resurrection possible for all of His followers. What’s even more humbling is the mode of death He chose. Death by crucifixion. The most shameful and excruciating way to taste death. And to think it should have been me; that my rebellion toward God caused His justice to be carried out on Christ instead of me…and this He did willingly. So I’m exploding with thoughts about it all and can’t wait to share them! Tomorrow I will begin sharing some of what I’ve been reflecting on. This time of silence has allowed me to hide many truths of the resurrection in my heart.
    There have a been a few seasons in life I would say we’re huge turning points. These turning points or chapters have consistently changed the landscape of our (my family) ministry. God has been SO faithful to us and has given us the greatest people on the face of the planet to share life with. The current life-location we’re in seems all too familiar. It’s an unexplainable place, but has always proven to be the beginning of a new chapter. This is very exciting…and even more scary! This time of silence has allowed me to focus on the direction God is pointing us.
    I waste a lot of time. I spend way too much time doing things of little or no value while neglecting some huge opportunities to make a substantial difference. Technology is a major distraction to me and promises to distort my focus on the things which matter most like my time with God and time with my family. Most often, when we think of stewardship, we think of our finances. We should be good stewards of money; generously giving, spending wisely, and being frugal. But stewardship must also be practiced with the people in our lives and the time we have. I hold stewardship of people and time at a much higher priority than finances. Therefore, my prayer is that God would grant me favor to be a blessing to others and enable me to manage my time in a way that brings the most glory to Him. This time of silence has allowed me to identify my personal areas of poor stewardship and ways to improve.

What “thing” gets you off your game?
What are you thoughts on digital fasting?

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