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To The Neighborhoods and To The Nations (Part 2)

Part 2:
We’re planting a church because our ‘EYES’ have been defined by the Gospel

Once our hearts were transformed by the Gospel, we ever so slowly began to see Jesus in the people we encountered. Jesus said,

    “Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, then comes the harvest’? Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.”

​I tend to look to the future as a great place to start something. Today is never convenient for me. I’m a planner, a dreamer, a thinker; but Jesus wrecks this idea here in John 4:35 in more ways than one.20121010-195959.jpg First, He puts to death my terrible habit of putting off till tomorrow what could be done today. You and I both know we can plan something forever, but Jesus gets His glory in the doing, not the planning to do! Sure, we would be foolish to jump into this endeavor of planting a church without some preliminary dreaming and planning, but let’s be honest, God usually doesn’t give us every intricate detail of His plan, only what’s needed for the next step. The steps to follow must be done in faith that He will get done exactly what He has prepared since the foundation of the world! At least, that’s what we’ve learned in the past 2 years as God has been nudging us into this new chapter of ministry.

Next, Jesus kills my self-centeredness. He points out that my eyes are not on His purposes…on His priorities. My eyes are on myself and what I have going on. He says “Look,…lift up your eyes…”. I’m convicted when I read those words; Jesus, the light of the world, God the Father incarnate, having to tell me to pick up my head and look around.

In its context, this passage reveals that results belong to God and God alone. We are to joyfully obey what He has called us to and He’ll bring forth the harvest. We’ll do the reaping, and He’ll do the sowing. And we’ll all rejoice together at the harvest!

The hope for our city is not more charity work. The hope for our city is not in our fly-by-night service projects. True, these mechanisms are vital in a gospel-defined life and they bring about positive change, but these are simply an overflow of the hope we’ve found, a hope that says the wrongs have been made right in Christ; the broken, made new. We can see the kingdom that is coming and is yet to come through our eyes which are being defined by the Gospel.

Would you pray that God would begin opening the doors and hearts of our neighbors so we might be this glimpse of hope they so desperately need?

Read ‘To The Neighborhoods and To The Nations’ (Part 1) here.

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