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Vision Casting Gatherings

To have a vision is to have our cross-hairs set on a particular target. To have a vision is to have clarity of a future condition or state. For example, we have been in the throes of home remodeling and renovating for the last several months. Before we began, we had a vision of what our home should look like. Then we began the work of making this vision come to life. There was a future state that we had in mind for our home. That was the vision.

Vision Night Flyer

God has also given us a vision for our city. This vision is to plant a church whose identity is found in making disciples of Jesus who are sent into the world to reproduce themselves so that God would be made much of in our city and to the nations! We want this vision to be ingrained on the hearts of those who become a part of this church plant.

Therefore, we have scheduled our first vision casting night to be held at our home on SUNDAY, JUNE 23rd @ 6pm. The invitation is open to EVERYONE who has interest or questions about the vision and plan for this new church plant in Sulphur, La. From this time together, our prayer is that God would begin to raise up a core group of leaders who could join us in the work of seeing this vision come to life. We’d hope that many would see this future state of our city as clearly as we do and would join us in the work of making God famous among the people of Sulphur and the world.

You can RSVP by emailing us at sulphurcommunitychurch@gmail.com with the number of people joining you. Dinner will be served. Please, please invite anyone you feel who would be interested.

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